Customised Kraft Shopping Bags Paper Boxes Journal Stickers Hair Extension Display Rack Cardboard Chocolate Packaging Box Customised Kraft Shopping Bags Paper Boxes Journal Stickers Hair Extension Display Rack Cardboard Chocolate Packaging Box Customised Kraft Shopping Bags Paper Boxes Journal Stickers Hair Extension Display Rack Cardboard Chocolate Packaging Box Customised Kraft Shopping Bags Paper Boxes Journal Stickers Hair Extension Display Rack Cardboard Chocolate Packaging Box Customised Kraft Shopping Bags Paper Boxes Journal Stickers Hair Extension Display Rack Cardboard Chocolate Packaging Box Customised Kraft Shopping Bags Paper Boxes Journal Stickers Hair Extension Display Rack Cardboard Chocolate Packaging Box

Customised Kraft Shopping Bags Paper Boxes Journal Stickers Hair Extension Display Rack Cardboard Chocolate Packaging Box

200-499 Pieces 500-999 Pieces 1-1000 Pieces
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  • Custom Color Logo Options
  • Custom Size Options
  • Free Sample Design
  • Defective, Refund Guaranteed
  • Customized Structure
  • Free Sample Custom
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Industrial Use Food, Sweet,Chocolate,Candy,Sweet,Dessert,Food,Snack
Use Noodle, Hamburger, Bread, Chewing Gum, Sushi, Jelly, Sandwich, Sugar, Salad, OLIVE OIL, cake, Snack, Chocolate, Pizza, Cookie, Seasonings & Condiments, Canned Food, CANDY, Baby Food, POTATO CHIPS, Nuts & Kernels, Other Food
Paper Type Cardboard Paper
Printing Handling Matt Lamination, Varnishing, Stamping, Embossing, Glossy Lamination, UV Coating, VANISHING, Gold Foil
Custom Order Accept
Feature Disposable, Recyclable, recycled materials,Eco-friendly material and inks
Shape Custom Different Shape
Box Type Rigid Boxes
Product name Foldable Gift Box Packaging
Size Customized Sizes
Color Partone Color +CMYK
Printing 4C Offset Printing,digital printing
Shape & style Customized Designs Paper Box Packaging
Certificate ISO 9001/14001,Sedex,TUV G7.etc
QC 100% before delivery
Keyword Chocolate Packaging Box

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What You Get in BuyPackagings?

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Free Samples Prototype

Products Customization Options including Embossing, Debossing, Foiling, Hot Stamping, Window Cutting, Inserts & more. Every box is completely customizable.

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Ensuring exceptional quality in every aspect of our packaging products, elevating your brand and enhancing the unboxing experience.

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BuyPackaging has global gistics network Multi-level management & automated setup is used for fast manufacturing. Strict SOPs are followed for timely delivery.

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The dedicated project manager assigned to you would keep you updated about all phases of design, manufacturing & shipment.

Personalize Packaging Box by Individual Customization.

We offer a variety of customizable elements to perfectly cater to your unique requirements.

Our packaging facility offers diverse printing methods to meet your unique needs. Offset Printing delivers high-quality, cost-effective results for large volumes, ensuring precision and consistency. Digital Printing provides quick, on-demand printing, ideal for short-run orders. UV Printing uses UV radiation to produce a vibrant, durable finish. And Scodix Digital Enhancement adds a tactile dimension, creating a memorable unboxing experience with depth and texture. With our variety of methods, we cater to your vision, budget, and timeline, with our expert team always ready to guide you.
Our packaging utilizes robust Grey Chipboard Cardboard and Duplex Chipboard,Corrugated Board, available in various weights and thicknesses. Grey Chipboard offers durability and cost-effectiveness, perfect for sturdy packaging. Duplex Chipboard, known for its smooth surface, facilitates high-quality printing and finishes, boosting your package's aesthetics. These materials are not only strong but also easy to customize, ensuring your packaging stands out. Our team stands ready to help choose the material best suited to your specific packaging requirements.
Our custom packaging options extend to a diverse range of wrapping papers,fine papers, art papers, each offering a unique aesthetic. Natural Brown Kraft provides a rustic, eco-friendly look. White Kraft offers a clean, minimal aesthetic, while Black Kraft delivers a sleek, sophisticated appeal. For an added touch of luxury, Metallic Paper provides a gleaming finish. Holographic wrapping papers captivate with their iridescent shine, creating an unforgettable unboxing experience. Textured papers add a tactile dimension to your packaging, enhancing its appeal.
At our factory, we specialize in creating high-quality custom packaging boxes using a variety of inserts, including EVA, Blister, Foam, Paper, and PE Foam. These materials are expertly crafted to ensure maximum product protection and aesthetic appeal. Whether you need a simple paper insert or a complex EVA structure, we're equipped to meet your needs. Our commitment is to enhance your brand's image with packaging that captivates customers from the first glance. Choose us for packaging solutions that truly reflect the quality and uniqueness of your products.
We utilize DieCut templates for all our packaging designs, serving as an accurate blueprint for each product's shape and size. These templates offer an early visual representation, allowing customers to see and approve their package design before production begins. We create each custom template for the customer's review, providing an opportunity for any adjustments to be made. This ensures that the final product not only meets but exceeds customer expectations. This process highlights our commitment to precision, customer satisfaction, and our dedication to delivering uniquely tailored.
We offer a range of specialized techniques to enhance your custom packaging box. Hot Foil Stamping and Cold Foil Printing add a metallic shine for a luxurious touch. Blind Embossing and Debossing create texture and depth, while Registered Embossing aligns embossing with printed graphics for a dynamic effect. Combination Embossing integrates two or more effects for a truly unique appearance. Additionally, Window Patching allows for a peek into the package, creating anticipation. Each technique can be customized to your specific needs, ensuring your packaging box is stunning.
For additional customization of your packaging box, we offer a variety of add-on options. Plastic Handles, Leather Handles, and Macramé Handles provide convenience and a touch of style. Ribbon & Bows can add a splash of color and elegance. We also offer different locking mechanisms, such as Metal Locks and Magnetic Locks, for secure closure. For safety, we provide Child Resistant Locks. These add-ons allow for further personalization of your packaging box, ensuring it is not only practical and secure but also aligns perfectly with your brand aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your a packaging products manufacturer?
Yes. We're packaging manufacturer.
At the forefront of innovation, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and wholesaling a wide assortment of remarkable packaging products. Our portfolio spans from custom boxes and containers to various packaging materials products, all crafted to perfection in our state-of-the-art factories.
Our offerings stand out for their exceptional quality and unparalleled design flexibility, providing a plethora of options to meet your unique packaging needs. Whether it's a small, bespoke project or a large, wholesale order, we are committed to delivering productions that exceed expectations.
We invite you to explore our diverse range and see how our packaging solutions can transform your products into extraordinary experiences. Don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements; we're ready to turn your vision into tangible, high-quality packaging. Let's start your packaging journey together.
What is your minimum order quantities (MOQ)?
The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for our productions varies based on the specific item and customization details. We encourage you to connect with our team of product experts who can provide comprehensive information about the MOQ for your desired product. You may also refer to our MOQ listing here for additional guidance.
What is your Standard Turnaround Time?
Our standard turnaround time is 10 business days after the final approval of your request. But as a packaging factory. We can produce your rush order to you asap.
Can I track my orders after shipping?
Yes, whether it's air freight or sea freight, once the goods are dispatched, we provide customers with a tracking number. This allows you to monitor the location of your goods at any time.
Does your factory have an internationally certified quality certificate?
Yes, our factory is internationally certified for quality assurance.Such as ISO 9001 certificates etc.. We adhere to rigorous standards to ensure that our productions meet and exceed global benchmarks. Please feel free to ask for more details about our certifications.
How would I know the current status of my order?
From the moment an order is placed until it is dispatched, our team keeps the customer informed about every step of the process. We ensure transparency and offer guidance, enhancing the customer experience throughout their purchasing journey.
Are all your products recyclable?
Absolutely! We take pride in ensuring that all our paper-based packaging solutions are entirely recyclable. If you are seeking more sustainable alternatives for your packaging needs, we encourage you to consult with our knowledgeable product specialists. They will provide expert guidance and assistance in exploring environmentally friendly options that align with your requirements.
Before order proceed,will I be provided with a prototype for approval?
Yes, certainly! Before any order goes into production, we make sure to provide you with a prototype. This gives you the opportunity to review and approve the design, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your expectations and requirements.
Can you create a product design based on a customer's concept?
Absolutely! We specialize in transforming customer concepts into tangible product designs. Share your idea, and let us craft a unique solution for you.