About Us - Advanced Material Technologies Corporation is a professional company for all kinds of Ceramic material, Titanium products, Evaporation materials, Sputtering target material, Foam Metals, Functional alloy material and applied technology. AMT was built by a team of senior engineers. The team of AMT are very experienced in the field of evaporation materials, sputtering targets, titanium products and advanced ceramic. Relying on the R&D strong support, AMT has developed many series of new material, which have been applied widely in such like glass industry, vacuum coating, magnetron sputtering,metallurgy, functional material, biological medicine. At present our customers are wide spread in more countries like U.S., Germany, Japan, Korea and Tailand, including some famous enterprises and institutions of domestic and foreign research and company. Advanced Material Technologies Corporation warmly welcoming new and old customers to inquire. Our main products: Al2O3 Fe2O3 MgO SiO SiO2 Ti2O3 Ti3O5 ZnO Evaporation Material BaF2 MgF2 Na3AlF6 BN Si3N4 ZnS TiO TiO2 ZrO2 AlF3 Al2O3 SiO2 MgO TiOx SiAl Ti TiAl NiCr Sputtering Targets ZrO2 TiO2 Ta2O5 AZO Si CrAl Ni NbOx Al Alloy Ti Alloy Advanced Ceramic Ball Bearing Plunger Rod Parts Turbine Extrusion Mould Biomedical Material Hydroxyapatite(20-60nm) β-TCP powder(0.5-15um) Foam Metals Fe-Ni Foam Copper Foam Others Material Titanium Filter Titanium Pump Website: http://www.evapormaterial.com

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Business TypeManufacturer
Business CategoriesMetallized Film
Product Rangeinsulation paper,Green polyester tape,Aluminum foil tape,Copper foil tape,Conductive cloth belt,Duct tape,Acetate fabric tape,refrigerator tape,Fiber tape,Electrical tape,Ordinary double-sided tape,Powerful double-sided tape,Temperature textured tape,Prevent weld tape,High temperature textured tape,Protective tape,PET protective film,Electrostatic film,PET anti-static protective film,Warning tapes,BOPP tape,Kraft paper tape,C2S Gloss Paper,Kraft paper gummed tape,Double-side sponge tape,Cotton paper double-sided tape,Masking tape,Semi-finished product of BOPP tape,Stretch film,Strapping tape,Open type heat shrinkable sleeve,heat-shrink tape,glass fiber tape,Kapton tape,Tissue paper Jumbo Roll,
CountryChina (Mainland)
Contact PersonJorge
AddressJiading district ,Shanghai 201818, China Shanghai, Shanghai
Postal Code210023